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Electric Bike Servicing and Repairs

Electric Bike Servicing and Repairs

So you’ve purchased an electric bike from Pedal & Chain (great choice) and you’ve found your new favourite way to get around. It’s worth thinking about how you can get the most out of your e-bike!

E-Bike Servicing

If you’ve invested in an electric bike or you're thinking about ordering, you may want to consider how your motor, battery and other components are going to be well looked after.

Regular servicing can sort many of the issues that sometimes occur in e-bikes and will prevent issues turning into major repairs. 

We encourage a 30-day first service where you can interact with an expert mechanic to show you how to use the gears, charge the battery and learn important general maintenance. Also, they will make sure you know all the basics so that you can look after your bike between servicing to help keep it running smoothly. If this 30-day first service has not been done, we find cyclists don't bring their bike for a service until they have an issue. Then an inspection of the bike would be required first so that the mechanic can report their findings, before carrying out any work. 

After your 30-day first service, check your e-bike owner’s manual to find out how regularly you should get your bike serviced. As a general rule of thumb, an e-bike should be serviced every 1000km or 600 miles.

Between services, general maintenance should be performed like cleaning your bike after rides and regularly checking the brakes, tyres and chain.

What do we recommend?

It’s important to us that our customers are looked after when they purchase their e-bike from us. We want to make sure that you feel confident to ride away knowing how to best look after your new e-bike.

That’s why we have reached out to a nationwide mobile bicycle mechanic to make sure our customers can benefit from their brilliant work. Cycle Tech UK are the mobile service centre that comes to you. Collection & return is also available if preferred.


Why Use Cycle Tech UK?

✔ Local run business with national Support

✔ Providing premium mobile bike services in your local area

✔ Designed to save you time–at your home or office

✔ Friendly and personal approach

✔ Competitive prices

✔ Industry qualifications

✔ e-Bike mechanics for BOSCH, Shimano, Fazura & Bafang

✔ New bike sales with free PDI & First service (Aftercare & Service)

✔ Members of Cycle Tech UK

✔ Excellent customer care

✔ And with a passion for cycling


The Cycle Tech UK website is the best place to start to find your local mechanic and arrange a service.

To make it really easy to locate your local mechanic, they have put together a mechanic map. Check it out -



After enjoying your e-bike for many miles, the chances are that you will have to do some sort of repair/active maintenance over the course of its life.

The most common repairs are flat tyres, brake adjustments and loose parts. The majority of these can be sorted by yourself with a little guidance. There are thousands of e-bike experts and enthusiasts online teeming with e-bike repairs knowledge. For simple repairs, they can point you in the right direction so you can get your issue sorted.

However, sometimes you may come across something more major which will require professional help. Perhaps you want to have an expert look at your e-bike and make sure it’s performing in top-tip condition.


UK-Wide Mobile Bicycle Mechanics

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be anywhere in the UK and contact someone to help you with your e-bike repair? Well, we’re able to help with just that!

We do not currently have repairs facilities at Pedal & Chain however you still have plenty of options. We highly recommend Cycle Tech UK who provide expert repairs and services through their network of e-bike mechanics across the UK.

Visit their website:

Now get out and enjoy riding your new electric bike from Pedal & Chain!

If you have any questions about e-bike servicing or repairs, get in touch with our expert team. 

Phone: 0333 050 1008


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