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Are Electric Scooters Now Legal?

The UK Government has announced that privately owned electric scooters are set to be legalised to ride in public spaces.

Best Electric Bikes For Heavy Riders

Electric bikes have revolutionised cycling for many people of all ages, sizes and shapes. Browse our carefully selected list.

Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders

We have put together a list of electric bikes, of different types, to suit tall riders that could save you hours of searching time.

UK Transport Awards 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have been named by SME News as the UK Sustainable Transport Business of the Year 2022.

Best Electric Bikes for Food Delivery.

Do you ride for Uber Eats or Deliveroo? Here's a selection of the best electric bikes for food delivery drivers.

Best Electric Bikes for 2022

We have put together a list of the leading electric bikes for 2022. These E-Bikes cover every budget, every style and every terrain.

Best Hub Drive Electric Bike

Hub drive electric bikes are ideal for commuters, urban and more casual riders. See a range of our favourite hub drive electric bikes.

Best Fat Tyre Electric Bikes

Fat tyres allow you to go beyond your boundaries. Explore across any terrain and have the confidence to go further and faster. 

Best All-Round Electric Bikes

Looking for the perfect electric bike? We have put together a list of the best all-rounder electric bikes available this year, check it out!

Best Step Through Electric Bikes

Step-through electric bikes are appealingly traditional whilst offering maximum comfort. Here's our top step-through electric bikes. 

Best electric bikes for touring

Touring with your bike can be one of the best ways to travel but it can be hard work! Switch to an e-bike to make travelling a breeze.

Best Mid Drive Electric Bikes

We have put together a list of the best electric bikes with Mid-Drive motors. We’ve scoured the UK E-Bike market so that you don’t have to!
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