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Take your business to the next level with the use of our electric vehicles. At Pedal & Chain, we are here to put your business needs first and work closely with you to effectively implement the use of eMobility to suit you and your customers.

If you require a fleet of high quality, reliable electric vehicles to improve your business, we can help. With years of industry experience and a passion for helping customers, we will partner with you to provide a tailored solution for your business needs.

From suggesting the perfect electric vehicles to supporting your fleet management, we can provide you with a complete package all in one place.

how does it work?

Key Benefits of an ebike fleet:

βœ“ Cut your Greenhouse Gas emissions

βœ“ Reduce Business Travel Costs

βœ“ Reduce Local Area Traffic Congestion

βœ“ Cut Local Air Pollution

βœ“ Improve Employee Health and Fitness

βœ“ Encourage Active Transport

βœ“ Promote Sustainable Transport

βœ“ Increase Business Revenues

βœ“ Provide a fun and healthy alternative transport mode for clients, employees and guests

Fleet Management - All in one place

We can source a bespoke selection of electric vehicles from various suppliers across the UK. This gives us the opportunity to suggest several electric vehicles until you are happy with our offering. Purchasing more than 1 electric vehicle will offer significant cost savings which we will be passing on to you to ensure a cost effective package.

Choosing Pedal & Chain to provide your business with a high quality electric fleet comes with the peace of mind that a tailored maintenance service provides. Instead of going directly to the manufacturer, you can ensure that all your fleet management services are kept in one place.

Company Pool Ebikes

Whether it be for daily commuting, client visits or navigating around campus, electric bikes give you the freedom and convenience to be where you need to be.

Follow the lead of other innovative companies such as Google and Facebook who are already providing this green and practical way to keep up with the world. Your business will also be promoting a healthier and more exciting form of transport for your customers and employees to make the most of!

Ebikes for Deliveries

Electric bicycles are a perfect choice for food or parcel deliveries. Achieve more deliveries in a shorter period of time by avoiding congestion and busy routes.

You will also save money on traditional fleet costs such as insurance, MOTs, road tax and fuel. You can offer a more environmentally friendly and healthy transport option that your staff and customers will love.

Ebikes for Tourism

Add a new branch to your business by offering rental ebikes to your customers. Enjoy the new revenue stream that will come with providing your customers with an innovative and exciting way to explore.

Whether you own a Boutique Hotel, Hotel Chain, AirBnB or you already have a rental business with push bikes, an electric bike fleet will improve your value to customers, create additional income and keep customers coming back.

E-Bike Maintenance & Servicing Options

We have access to a nationwide network of Electric Bike mechanics who will keep your fleet running in top condition.

We will put together a bespoke maintenance & servicing plan so you can always rely on your electric fleet to keep up with your business. Contact us to find out how this can work for your business.

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