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Best Electric Bike for Range

Best Electric Bike for Range

Having a great range from your electric bike can be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your new e-ride! Nobody wants to get caught out mid-journey with a flat battery wishing you had checked your charge before leaving.

One of the best ways to prevent this, would be to choose an e-bike with an impressive range so you can rely on your bike to keep up with you on a long journey. The great news is that with recent technological advances, e-bike batteries can certainly keep up with you as you can travel as far as 100 miles on a single charge.

Key Considerations

The size of battery on an electric bike is one of the most important aspects to look for when choosing a bike with great range. Your battery size will be defined in Volts (V) and amp hours (Ah). Keep these units in mind when searching and this will give you a great idea of which e-bike to go for. Also, each brand will suggest an expected range for each bike. You can find these on our product pages or ask a helpful member of staff.

An Important Note
The expected range advertised will not always be met as range is largely affected by various other riding conditions. These include terrain, rider weight, tyre pressure, headwind and more. All will affect the range of your battery and should be taken into account when setting off on your journey.

The Best Electric Bikes For Range

So with that in mind, let’s go through some of the best electric bikes on the market for range.


Add adventure to your every day with the Knaap Bikes AMS, guaranteed to kick your urban travel up a gear and revolutionise your ride.

Knaap Bikes are a Dutch e-bike brand cornering the market of cool with a bike that turns heads and starts conversations wherever it cruises. Standing out from the crowd with its urban design and unique two-seater base, the Knaap Bike AMS provides a one-of-a-kind ride, roomy enough for two.

Range - Up to 140km (86 miles) range - with a large 36V 21Ah Samsung battery giving you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy an impressive assisted distance of up to 140 km* on a full charge.

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One of the best electric bikes for range on the market today is Econic One. If you plan on racking up some serious mileage on your electric bike then this electric bike will deliver the range!

While the range on this e-bike is impressive, there is so much more to love about this electric bike. The Econic One is connected to a mobile app that allows location tracking. It also has a remote control for locking and unlocking your e-bike. This bike is for you if you love flying the city streets and still enjoy some light trails and dirt roads!

Smart Urban is our most versatile E-bike for urban explorers to enjoy the city rides and adventures beyond the pavement and roads.

Range - The Econic One Urban has an impressive 142 km max range, powered by a large 36V, 500Wh Li-Ion battery. 

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With its unparalleled styling and design, this baby will get you to your destination in comfort and in style.

The perfect ride for someone who wants to be different and get around in style. Whether you're commuting to the office or taking a casual ride around town, the SX-250 provides you with a smooth and stylish ride. 

Range - 80 km (50 miles) range on a single 7.5 hour charge*.

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MBM are continually innovating to provide customers with elegant and technologically advanced e-bikes, all with a unique design and 100% made in Italy.

The Apostrophe comes with the OLI Move One mid drive motor, this is their top choice for city bikes. With 50Nm of torque, the MOVE One is perfect for any urban terrain. Thanks to the LAZY mode, the maximum power will be released with the minimum effort of the rider.

This e-bike also comes equipped with a large 11.6Ah battery which will be more than enough range on a single charge. 

Range - 60km (37 miles) on a single charge*.

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The world's most advanced bicycle frame meets the world's most innovative power system. The Moulton® bicycle, with its outstanding efficiency, speed, comfort and responsiveness, can be fully integrated with the unique ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod. 

The ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod combines Bluetooth-controlled variable power levels with automatic hill/gradient compensation, allowing commuting cyclists to choose the amount of effort both they and the motor provides. The motor automatically compensates for hills and gradients and provides ‘launch control’ for safety when moving away from lights and crossings in heavy traffic. 

The pod uses an industry standard 4.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah or 9.0 Ah Bosch battery, which are readily available from stores and online and have a range of up to 75km dependant on the battery used. When the battery is removed, the eBike reverts to its standard configuration and can be used as a regular bike.

Range - up to 75 km (46 miles) with the 9.0Ah battery on a single charge

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This concludes the list of high quality electric bikes with range you can count on. With any of these bikes you can enjoy a full day of riding and more (depending on usage) on a single charge. 

How about doubling your range? 

With all electric bikes available at Pedal & Chain, you can purchase an additional battery. This allows you to effectively double your range for every journey. Simply pack your fully charged spare battery in your rucksack or on your pannier rack and when your first battery has gone flat, simply swap your battery for the fresh one and you’re good to go again!

If you have any questions about this article or anything else, contact a friendly member of the team and they will be happy to help!

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