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Best Electric Bikes For Heavy Riders

Best Electric Bikes For Heavy Riders

Electric bikes have revolutionised cycling for many people of all ages, sizes and shapes. The electrical assistance makes a huge difference to the riding experience and has opened the doors to cycling to a much wider range of society.

With all the recent innovation surrounding cycling, this means that there are now bikes that will suit the heavier rider. Overweight riders can enjoy all the benefits of e-biking and it can be a great form of exercise with the ability to receive assistance whenever you choose. 

How to select an electric bike suitable for a heavier rider?

There are multiple models of electric bikes that are perfectly capable of carrying and assisting large or overweight riders. If you have previously been put off the idea of an electric bike due to the supposed weight restrictions, you may want to reconsider.

When selecting one, think about maximum weight capacity, stronger frames, wider tyres, disk brakes, a more powerful motor, and battery capacity. Choosing the right electric bike can open up new possibilities for exploring and provide a new enjoyable way to improve your fitness. 

What is the average maximum recommended load for an electric bike? Generally, for the average electric bike, manufacturers recommend a maximum load of between 100 - 120 kg. If you are between this weight, including any cargo you intend to carry with you on your journeys, then the wider ebike market is open to you. 

For riders over the typical 120kg, it is recommended to search for bikes more suited for heavier riders. Please note that the maximum recommended load indicated by ebike manufacturers is a guide. If the load recommendation is exceeded then you can expect the bike’s performance to be adversely affected both in terms of range and assistance.

Electric bikes for the above-average-weight rider

We have put together a list of the best electric bikes for heavier riders so that you can save hours of searching time and check out our recommendations. 


Maximum recommended load - 150kg 

The Panther V4 by E Movement is a prime example of a high quality, professionally engineered electric bike. 

The V4 is a newly launched 2021 model, with fat tyres that offer you a quiet and stable ride. Performing well on roads and off road surfaces, no terrain is out of question with this bike. Sand or pebble beaches and even the snow won't stop you getting about with the Panther. It even has puncture resistant tyres that reinforce the wall to protect against thorns and other small sharp hazards.


The bike comes in 2 variants to suit your needs. A 250W motor, purely to cater for UK roads and 500W powerful motor for off road riding. E Movement have provided the 250W motor option without a throttle so that it is completely road legal in the UK and can be used anywhere where you can ride a push bike! The 500W version is for people that want more power and the option to use a throttle as well.


Its 20×4” fat tyres with improved suspension system reduce vibrations and shocks, allowing you to ride with ease along any terrain. The tyres also offer high levels of puncture resistance, and the thread gives grip both on and off-road. 


One more improved feature of Panther V4 is the large LCD colour display which will keep you informed of the battery power, gear, and speed. Every Panther V4 has a front and rear light that are detachable.



Maximum recommended load - 150kg

Introducing the Hunter Plus. A bike that will make your two-wheel commute not just easier but also more sophisticated. 

With 4 inch fat tyres to take you across any terrain and the folding step through design, the Hunter Plus can be your travel companion for every adventure.

The Hunter Plus is an upgraded version of the Hunter due to its alloy wheels and lockable front suspension.

Key Features:

  • 5 Levels of Pedal Assist
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes 160mm Discs
  • CarbonSmart
  • 5 spoke Alloy sports rim
  • 25 KM/H max speed
  • Range up to 50 Assisted Miles Pedelec
  • 4-6  Hour Charge Time
  • Frame Size 15″ Step Through Frame (meaning no leg lift over required to get on the bike)
  • Wheel Size 20×4″
  • Puncture Resistant Tyres
  • Recommended minimum rider height: 5’6
  • Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano Tourney Thumb Shifter
  • Folded Dimensions: 35″x15″x32″ LxWxH
  • Weight – 30 Kg with battery
  • Aluminium Pedals
  • Water Resistant IP65 Rated
  • Free Front and rear mudguards, Front Led Light, Electric Horn, stand, combination padlock, Mob Phone Holder with USB Port and tool kit.



Maximum recommended load - 180kg

The Knaap bikes have the largest maximum recommended load of any ebike available on our website! With the capability to carry 2 adults, this ebike will thrive with a heavier rider and continue to make cycling a smooth ride.

Add adventure to your every day with the Knaap Bikes AMS, guaranteed to kick your urban travel up a gear and revolutionise your ride.

Knaap Bikes are a Dutch e-bike brand cornering the market of cool with a bike that turns heads and starts conversations wherever it cruises. Standing out from the crowd with its urban design and unique two-seater base, the Knaap Bike AMS provides a one-of-a-kind ride, roomy enough for two.

Complementing the bikes stand-out design is the well thought out spec providing the power to reach up to 25 km/h and the freedom to cruise up to 140 km in one charge, without the need for a licence.

With so much to shout about, it’s easy to see why the bike is a HUGE hit with cycle enthusiasts and urban riders alike and has been making noise as THE bike of choice for leading sports stars and high-profile names worldwide.

If you are on the hunt for an e-bike that combines style with substance and wants to revolutionise your ride whilst reducing your effects on the planet, all whilst looking hot-as-hell...... Then your search is over!

Knaap Bikes is the stylish solution transforming every day into an epic and answering the call of the urban adventurer in us all.


Maximum recommended load - 180kg

Knaap started with the AMS, but now they continue their odyssey with the RTD! Built for comfort and style, the RTD delivers both and more. Included with extra suspension, the RTD makes it feel like you’re riding the clouds.

This in combination with it’s cool and unique design, magnificent reliability and it’s mind-boggling speed and power, it has been dubbed “The Wingman”.

STYLE: Merging comfort, reliability and power with our distinctive design makes this bike the best option for anyone looking for a satisfying ride. Complete with an extra-long seat-base, 20” wheels, tough Aluminium frame, full suspension, powerful 1200 lumen LED headlight and LCD illuminated display, this e-bike makes any trip go as smooth as butter.

EASY HOME ASSEMBLY: Every Bike is delivered with a user manual including easy-to-build-at-home instructions (including link to online guide), bike registration and warranty.


The RTD's front fork has impeccable front wheel suspension, making for an amazingly smooth ride.


The frame suspension provides absolute comfort for anyone sitting on the Knaap Bike; driver or passenger. This is why riding the RTD is an enjoyable experience while you look good doing it!


The bike has built-in LED lighting at the front and back. The headlight is huge and awesome for lighting up the road on a dark night. For safety and better visibility.


Maximum recommended load - 130kg

The Hikobike Enduro electric mountain bike can double up as a fast commuter e-bike for weekdays and an off-road bike for extended trail rides at the weekend. As it says in the name – it’s built to endure. 

The Enduro features large 27.5” wheels with 2.25” KENDA off road puncture resistant tyres, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Suntour XCM front suspension forks and a suspension seat post, creating a bike that withstands fast riding and can soak up the bumps in and out of the city.


Featuring the highly regarded 250W Bafang hub drive motor and the choice between a 500Wh and 670Wh battery, the Enduro will provide powerful and reliable assistance.

For convenience and security, the battery is fully removable and can be charged on or off the frame. As an approximate guide, the 500Wh Enduro can ride 40 – 60 miles on a full battery and the 670Wh 50 – 80 miles*.



The bike comes with LED lights (front & rear) and an additional brake light operated through the Tektro brake levers, enabling you to ride at any time of day. Combined with the Hikobike pannier, the rear rack is ideal for carrying cargo and the thumb throttle (7kph start assist) gives you that helping hand on the odd occasion that you want to push your bike. The bike also comes with full aluminium mud guards and a kick stand.

To conclude…

These are our top picks for heavier riders. Check them out and see what you think. 

Summarising our above points, the weight limit is certainly an important factor to consider when buying an electric bicycle. However, make sure not to compromise on other components including the battery range, gear system, battery power, and material used to manufacture the bicycle frame. 

The list above are the Rolls-Royces of electric bicycles for the above-average-weight rider. Ensure you check them out and consider the durability of the bike. As we have hand selected the above selection of bikes, they have our approval to be used by heavier riders!

Remember to check the manufacturer’s specification for your electric bikes maximum load recommendation. If you exceed this recommendation then you can expect the bike’s performance to be affected both in terms of range and assistance.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of these electric bikes or any others available from Pedal & Chain. Use our expert team to find a bike to suit you.

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