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Best Electric Bikes For Short Riders

Best Electric Bikes For Short Riders

It can be difficult to shop around searching for an electric bike to suit you if you are a shorter and it may be tricky to find the right one. We have put together a list of electric bikes, of different types, to suit small riders.

Electric bikes are heavier than regular push bikes due to the additional battery, motor and controller. Also, they’re motorised to increase your acceleration so it’s important to have complete control of them.  

Mounting and taking off from a stand still on a heavy electric bike that is not designed for your height can be awkward and potentially dangerous. So, you’ll want a bike that you can confidently handle and one that is comfortable to ride. It is important to ride a bike well suited for your height and weight and that’s even more important if you're choosing an electric bike.

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We have selected a list below of electric bikes that we have available which are suitable for riders under 5 ft 3. For every bike on our list you can find out the dimensions of the bike and the height of the seat above the ground. You can also find out the reach so you know how far your arms will be out in front of you to hold the handlebars. With all this information, you can be confident that you are ordering a bike that is suitable for your height.

If you receive a bike that turns out to be too big for you, you are covered by our 14-day return policy. Our returns policy allows you to receive the bike, check that the bike is the right size for you and then return if it is not. This is subject to the terms set out in our returns policy so please check that out for more details.


Here's our top selection of bikes for short riders:


  • Minimum recommended rider height 5 ft. 
  • Height from ground to seat at the lowest seat position - 30 inches / 76 centimetres.

The key features of Richmond is a pedal assist of 15.5mph, a range of 40 miles and 6 speed Shimano gears. (10ah Battery)

  • 17.5 Alloy folding frame
  • 6 Speed Shimano gears
  • 36v 10ah Lithium Ion battery
  • Brushless rear wheel Motor
  • 4-6 hours Charging Time
  • 40miles Range
  • Pedal assist 15.5mph
  • Folded Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 18" (L x H x W)
  • Unfolded Dimensios: 72" x 36" x 9" (L x H x W)
  • 24" Wheel 

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  • Recommended minimum rider height - 4 foot 9
  • Suitable for people who are between 150cm (4'9) and 190cm (6'2) tall. The seatpost lowers to 60cm above the ground.

This is the same for all of the Axon Rides range but we have just chosen to highlight the Axon Eco due to its extreme lightweight as well.

From the smart display to the foldable pedals, every aspect of the Axon Ride works together to make your riding experience more enjoyable. Made with an environmentally aware customer in mind, the Axon Eco S allows you to make a difference in your city.

Compact - easy storage whether at home, in the boot of a car or on a train

Quick - get your bike ready in less than 10 seconds

Lightweight - High tech magnesium alloy frame makes this one of the lightest electric bikes on the market. Weighing just 14.5kg, the compact form can be carried like a briefcase

Single-speed - Simple, low maintenance and lightweight single speed gear complement the compact wheels and powerful motor

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  • Minimum recommended rider height 5 ft 
  • Height from ground to seat at the lowest seat position - 30 inches / 75 centimetres.

The ultimate in compact, lightweight travel, the e-go Lite is our best seller and one of the smallest and lightest foldable electric bikes in the UK, weighing just 15kg net. 

With its 250w 36v motor it’s capable of 25kmph. It’s unique Seat post contains a 6.4ah LG branded lithium-ion battery that really packs a punch, with a range of up to 50km (depending on the mode used and conditions).

It can be charged in situ or removed and charged indoors. With 16” wheels and the simplicity of single speed, the bike is geared perfectly for use with or without the motor.

Its lightweight aluminium frame is strong enough to take an impressive 100kg payload, folds with 4 easy steps in seconds to stow away. 

Think your bike riding days are over? This bike is really popular with the older generation, giving them a new lease of life, enabling them to return to cycling and get regular exercise. 

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Yoikoto E-Summit Electric Bike | Pedal & Chain

  • Minimum recommended rider height 5 ft 3 inches
  • Inside leg measurements - suitable for 26.5" – 35.5″


The perfect combination of power and range is provided in this smart looking e bike.
With new, super efficient and smooth running motors that will take you to a comfortable range of between 40-50 miles – using 1 to 3 out of 5 in total pedal modes.


All Terrain Tyres

Get off the beaten track with the Yoikoto E-Summit Electric Bike. With all terrain tyres you can push past previous boundaries and explore further than you previously thought possible. 

Powerful 350W Motor

This bike is delivered equipped with a powerful 350W motor capable of flattening any hill. Decide when you want to exercise and when you want your bike to do the work for you.


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  • Minimum recommended rider height 5 ft 2

The E Movement electric commuter bike is where performance and convenience come together. This highly engineered bike with a full suspension system will give you the smoothest ride.

Along with its compact folding design, this bike also has an LG removable battery that has its own key security system. This system will stop the battery being removed without unlocking with the key, which operates a metal piston that secures the battery. Having a removable battery makes it really easy to bring indoors for charging.  This e-bike offers a top speed of 25km/h.

One of the awesome features of this bike is the twist and go feature, which is positioned in front of the right handle grip to ensure ease of use.

When it comes to range, the Commute continues to impress; using the twist and go you are able to get in 21 miles which can be doubled or even tripled if you are using the pedelec system. Whichever way you choose to ride this bike you will not be disappointed.

This bike has hydraulic disc brakes but also the electric motor is synced with the brake system to provide not only more braking assistance but regenerate any wasted power back to the battery cells. Its sleek digital displays offers a range of features and stats. 

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eelo Folding Electric Bike | Pedal & Chain | Best Electric Bikes for Short Riders

  • Minimum recommended rider height 4 ft 11
  • Height from ground to seat at the lowest seat position -70 centimetres.

The eelo 1885 PRO Electric is the ideal choice for the train commuter, caravaner, motorhome owner, boating enthusiast. Take the hard work out of cycling and avoid the sweat with electric biking.

The folding frame allows you to simply store the bike in the tightest of places like under a work desk, boot of a car or even into a carry bag when not in use. The frame is aluminium keeping the bike incredibly lightweight at only 16.5kg. Folded Size: 60cm x 38cm x 58cm.

Partnership with LG has lead to the development of Advanced Battery Management which intelligently protects the battery from over strain when cycling uphill or into strong winds.  The battery is capable of charging in 4-6 hours and can last up to 40 miles.

Giving the rider complete control over how much assistance they want from the battery. The rider can choose to have very little assistance or can let the battery do all the work giving the cyclist an effortless ride without having to change gears, and reach up to 15mph.

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  • Minimum recommended rider height 5 ft 2
  • Height from ground to seat at the lowest seat position - 32 inches / 81 centimetres.

The impressive battery gives you plenty of range and with a Bafang motor that provides you 30Nm of torque, you can make hills a breeze.

Powabyke/MBM is proud to be the longest established electric bike brand in Europe. With over 20 years’ experience in electric bikes and trikes, Powabyke has invested in its range to ensure it remains the leading electric bike company.

With over 40,000 Powabykes sold, the Powabyke brand has proved itself as a no nonsense reliable electric bike.

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These are our top picks for short riders. Check them out and see what you think. We also have created a collection where you can browse all of the electric bikes that we have hand-picked for short riders. Find the link below:

Collection of Electric Bikes for Short Riders

Let us know if you have any questions about any of these electric bikes or any others available from Pedal & Chain. Use our expert team to find a bike to suit you. 

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