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Best Electric Bikes Under £1000

Best Electric Bikes Under £1000

Electric bikes continue to rise in popularity and with a quick comparison against regular bikes it becomes clear to see why. However the average price for an electric bike is around £2000. Today we're covering the top electric bikes that you can pick up for under £1000, read on to discover the main considerations when buying and our top 5 electric bikes under £1000.

It's important to do your research and there are some electric bikes under £1000  which will end up costing you more in the long run due to future maintenance, early battery replacements etc. 

The most important elements of your electric bike will be the battery, the motor and the controller. If the manufacturer has prioritised these features, you can't go far wrong. 

When you compare £1000 for an electric bike to other transport costs, it is about a third of the average UK rail season ticket price. In addition to this, an electric bike will serve you for years, and improve your mood and overall health compared to a train. For these reasons, and many more, we think an electric bike for under £1000 is a great investment.


So what electric bikes do we recommend for under £1000? Here's our top 5...



From just £799, the Elysium Relay E-Bike offers incredible value for money, offering you some of the highest specifications at its price point.

With a lightweight frame and 6 speed Shimano gears you will be looking forward to the next hill with 3 levels of electric power to assist up to 15.5 mph.

It has a robust mountain bike style that is at home on the road as it is off, so you can take on the day's ride.


  •  Rugged Powerful e-MTB
  • Front Zoom Suspension
  • Lightweight Alloy Frame
  • 26" Wheels

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The Dallingridge electric bike is one of the best electric bikes for under £1000. It’s tricky to find refined build quality, a generous componentry and powerful drive system at such a cost, however it’s lightweight alloy low-step frame, suspension fork & 14Ah battery option suggest that the Dallingridge is a unique electric bike.

It benefits from a  punchy 250w motor which is powered by the rack integrated Li-Ion battery, available in a 8.8Ah or 14Ah to appeal to city commuters and rural adventurists alike! Power assistance mode & battery life can be monitored & altered using the handy LCD handlebar mounted display.

To further refine your ride, Dallingridge have included a 6 speed Shimano gearing system with Revoshift indexing. Supported by mechanical disc brakes front & rear, with a few handy goodies in the form of full mudguards, a kickstand, and rear luggage rack.


  • Model variants - Available with an 8.8Ah battery capable of up to 30 miles, or 14Ah battery capable of up to 50 miles. 
  • Disc Brakes - 160mm mechanical disc brakes to provide responsive stopping power, great for unpredictable conditions.
  • Low-Step Frame - Making it a breeze to hop on & off. Great for errand runs and general rider versatility.
  • 20″ Alloy Wheels - Great for city cycling. Offering a nimble and direct riding feel.
  • 250W Rear Hub Motor - Surging power with a rotation of the cranks.
  • Suspension - Zoom 20″ Suspension Fork
  • Mudguard & Pannier Rack and LED controller (5 modes)
  • Only 20KG in weight

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The ultimate in compact, lightweight travel, the e-go Lite is our best seller and one of the smallest and lightest foldable electric bikes in the UK, weighing just 15kg net. 

With its 250w 36v motor it’s capable of 25kmph. It’s unique Seat post contains a 6.4ah LG branded lithium-ion battery (7ah Samsung available as an upgrade) that really packs a punch, with a range of up to 50km (depending on the mode used and conditions).

With 16” wheels and the simplicity of single speed, the bike is geared perfectly for use with or without the motor. Its lightweight aluminium frame is strong enough to take an impressive 100kg payload, folds with 4 easy steps in seconds to stow away, on a train, caravan, motor home, boat, apartment or in the boot of your car. 

Key Features

  • Super Lightweight - 15kg net weight so easy to carry when not riding
  • Folds to carry size - folding bike to 82x37x68cm means you can slide it into your backpack!
  • Reliable Battery - 6.4ah branded LG battery (upgradable to 7ah Samsung).
  • 4 Great Modes - Be in control with either pedal assist, cruise, walk or standard bike mode. 

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With a low step through frame and a simple to operate walk assist throttle button, the Chameleon LS is the most accessible and easy to use bike in the Byocycles range.

Folding compactly and with multiple battery upgrade options, the LS is capable of taking you from your front door to your next adventure! The rigid front fork of the LS makes for responsive and direct steering, while also keeping weight down.

Key Features

  • Motor: Rear Hub Driven, 36V 250 WATT, MXUS Brushless Geared Motor
  • Frame: 16in Sky Alloy 6061 Folding Frame
  • Forks: 20in Rigid Steel
  • Gears: 6 Speed Shimano Tourney TZ Series
  • Brakes: V Brake front and rear
  • Wheels: 20in Double Wall Alloy with Kenda - 20in x 1.75 Tyres
  • Battery: 36V 7.8Ah - up to 25 Miles* / 36V 10Ah - 25-35 Miles* / 36V 13Ah - up to 50 Miles*

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That concludes our round-up of the best electric bikes under £1000. We will continue to monitor the market and update this article as we come across other contenders, but at the moment these are the best value e-bikes in the UK under £1000.

Pedal & Chain offer some great quality electric bikes for under £1000 and we have put them altogether in one place for you to browse.

Check them out here - best electric bikes under £1000.

If you have any questions about anything in this article or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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