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E-Bikes vs Conventional Bikes

E-Bikes vs Conventional Bikes

You’ve probably heard of electric bikes and wondered what the hype is all about. Why choose an e-bike over a normal bike? E-bikes are drastically growing in popularity and more people are looking to make the switch.


Here are some FAQs about e-bikes vs conventional…

  • What’s the difference?
  • Are they worth it?
  • Is riding an Electric bike still classed as exercise?

Luckily, we have the answers! Read on to find out more…

What’s the difference?

Probably the most asked question of them all! What’s the difference between riding an e-bike compared to a normal bike? The answer is, it’s a subtle difference, e-bikes are a lot like riding a normal bike, but better!

You ride an e-bike as you would normally, but you’ll notice it’s much easier. Thanks to the pedal assist, you can alter how much power it gives you, allowing you to breeze up hills and conquer strong headwinds with ease.

We often get asked, how fast do electric bikes go? Electric bikes typically allow you to ride faster, for longer. This is due to the assisted power, making it feel effortless, so you don’t tire out as fast. Do you need any more convincing?

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Are Electric Bikes worth it?

Electric bikes are generally more expensive than conventional bikes, but there’s a reason for this. Electric bikes offer far more benefits, here’s a few of them… 

Easier – E-bikes cover the less fun parts of normal biking such as headwinds and steep hills. E-bikes have pedal assist, which allows you to switch up and down the level of help the bike gives you. This also reduces the stress and impact on your knees and legs.

Travel for longer – E-bikes allow you to cover much more distance, faster and with less effort, allowing you to be out for longer and explore more.

An easy & stress-free commute – say goodbye to packed trains, delays and traffic. E-bikes are a flexible form of travel, saving you time and money.

Improve fitness – e-bikes are a great form of exercise and they encourage people to spend more time outdoors.

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Is riding an e-bike still classed as exercise?

The answer is yes! Riding an e-bike will still raise your heart rate and get you burning calories. One of the best things about e-bikes is you can vary the amount of assistance your bike gives you, allowing you to build up stamina slowly and give you that extra push up steep hills. 

In fact, studies have shown that e-bike riders tend to spend more time and ride more frequently than pedal bike riders due to the easier accessibility and less effort required. E-bikes are also a desirable way to travel to work instead of using a car or public transport, making it easier to incorporate more aerobic exercise into your life.


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