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Electric Bike Care In Winter

Electric Bike Care In Winter

The winter months are now upon us which brings some important considerations when looking after your electric bike. The cold and damp conditions can affect your bike's performance and condition but don't worry, we have all the information you need to keep your steed in tip top condition!


Where to store your electric bike in Winter.

During the cold season, it is even more important to have a suitable storage place for your e-bike. Whether it be a garage, shed or you could consider a floor rack to stand your bike up indoors.

The most important factor is that your battery should never be stored in freezing conditions.


Can I Leave My E-Bike Outside?

If you leave your bike outside in freezing weather, it will destroy it with rust and degradation.

In the winter, keeping it outside would be like submerging your e-bike in water each night.


Battery Storage

The most important reason for not storing your e-bike outside is the battery. If the battery is removable, then it should be removed when the e-bike is in storage.

Most e-bikes have lithium-ion batteries, which should be stored in a cool, dry place. Storing them outside in the heat decreases electrical resistance and causes them to discharge quicker. This means that if you store your entire bike outside, you’ll need to charge before you ride and you can expect a decreased battery performance.


General Maintenance Guidance

Your E-Bike will require routine maintenance just like any regular bicycle. You shouldn't be too concerned about the additional electrical parts as these generally require little maintenance.


Useful Information

You shouldn’t store your battery fully charged. Keeping it under 80% during storage will extend the life of the battery. Also, not leaving your battery on the charger constantly will reduce the already low risk of an electrical fire. It’s not a huge concern, but any battery continuously hooked up to a charging source always offers a small sliver of electrical danger. Batteries can also be kept cold but should be warmed up to room temperature before charging.

If you are storing the bike itself outside and the battery inside (the most likely scenario for e-bikes with removable batteries) then you’ll want to make sure the battery terminals are nice and clean before reattaching the battery. A bit of terminal grease goes a long way to ensure a solid connection and you’ll want to make sure there isn’t any rust building up around any metal connections.



Maintenance Top Tips

  •  Keep your E-Bike clean. If possible clean it after each ride with bike specific cleaners.
  • Don't use a jet wash as this can drive out grease lubricating the bearings, it will also compress water into the internals which can corrode essential components.
  • If using a high powered hose be careful to not jet water in too close to the hubs, bottom bracket, headset or anywhere that is normally greased.
  • Some bike shine products can leave a layer of protection over the paintwork, helping keep your E-Bike looking new for longer. Be careful not to get this stuff close to any braking surfaces though!
  • Use a decent chain oil to keep the chain lubricated after cleaning, make sure it isn't left dry. Wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the summer.
  • You can lube the cables with light spray oil, preferably one that dries and leaves a PTFE layer. If using a lubricant that stays wet, on your next outing dust can stick to this causing more problems and can cause the cable to seize.
  • When the bike is not in use, try to keep it in a dry place out of the elements.
  • Keep the tyres properly inflated. This will prevent uneven tyre wear. It will also make your life easier as the bike will roll with less resistance. In turn, the motor is working less and the range is extended. (Tyre pressures are always printed on the side of your tyre).



We hope to have equipped you with the most important information for looking after your e-bike through the winter months. Following the useful guidance mentioned above will ensure your e-bike performs more effectively for longer. Then you can focus on enjoying your rides, wherever they take you!


If you have any questions about this blog post or you want more information, get in touch with us at 


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