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Are Electric Bikes Eco Friendly?

Are Electric Bikes Eco Friendly?

 E-bikes have many benefits which is why they’ve grown in popularity over recent years. One of their main benefits is that they have a positive impact on the environment. Riding an electric bike will not only improve your mental and physical health but will also reduce your carbon footprint.

With Earth Day this week, what better time to delve into the eco benefits of electric bikes. Read on to find out why electric bikes are good for the environment…


No Fumes
One of the greatest advantages of e-bikes is they don’t use petrol or diesel which in turn means they don’t emit fumes into the environment.  Air pollution is a huge problem in many cities which is largely caused by vehicles, this can contribute to many respiratory and other health issues.  

According to the sustainability statement from the Accell Annual report, if someone travelled approximately 40 miles every day for a year, a single occupancy card would emit over 7,000kg of CO2 versus an e-bike that would emit less than 300kg of CO2. This further demonstrates how much better e-bikes are for the environment. 

The impact on the environment for manufacturing cars (even electric) is staggering. On average, producing a medium sized car can generate up to 17 tonnes of CO2e, compare this to the average e-bike manufacture at only 134kg CO2e. This is a huge carbon saving and certainly justifies the reason to make the switch to an e-bike.  

Energy & Sound Pollution
The average e-bike only requires about 10% of the energy needed to operate a standard car and it is six times more efficient than travelling by train.

Electric bikes emit very, very little sound if any, so they don’t contribute to sound pollution. The noise levels in cities in particular, over a long period of time can have implications on your health such as raising your stress hormones and blood pressure.

Reduce Congestion
No one likes to be sat in traffic and congestion is becoming more of a problem across the country. If more people used an e-bike, we could expect congestion to reduce significantly, this would not only make journey times faster but also reduce stress levels.


Here at Pedal & Chain, we want to promote the environmental benefits of electric bikes as much as we can. If you have any questions about electric bikes or scooters, please get in touch. Our friendly and experienced team would love to chat!

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