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Electric Bikes For Commuting

Electric Bikes For Commuting

We think electric bikes are the best form of transport for commuting to work. Electric bikes are greener, easier, cheaper and way more fun! What more could you want?


Why commute with an e-bike?


Better for the planet

There’s no doubt that electric bikes are better for the planet than cars, trains and other forms of transport. You could lower your carbon footprint significantly by swapping to an electric bike. You’ll feel better knowing you aren’t contributing to the air and noise pollution and increased congestion.

Check out our blog to discover all the ways e-bikes are better for the planet!


Save Money

Compared with driving a car and public transport, e-bikes can save you a considerable amount of money. Fuel, MOT, tax, insurance, maintenance and parking of a car can really add up and the same goes for the costs of using public transport.

Once you’ve made the initial purchase, it’s estimated that having an e-bike can save you up to £1500 a year in daily costs which is quite shocking. Think how this could mount up over a couple of years!


Get fitter

Instead of spending countless hours stuck on public transport or in your car, instead be outside, getting fitter by riding your e-bike. You burn around 400-450 calories per hour you ride and not to mention all of the other health and mental benefits this will give you. It’s a no brainer!

Compared to normal bikes, you won’t have to worry about turning up to work sweaty and needing to get changed. The e-bikes pedal assist will be your new best friend, ensuring you turn up to work how you left your house.


Easier and stress free

Public transport can be a stressful experience, unexpected delays, expensive and surrounded by crowds. Driving isn’t much better, with the increased congestion on the roads, you end up stuck in traffic for longer than your journey.

Instead swap to an e-bike that’s ready to go whenever you are, fly by all the traffic and never experience another delay again. Get out in the fresh air, stop for a coffee and arrive to work with a fresh, stress free mind.


Check out our fantastic range of e-bikes here.


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